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Megacon 2013

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 22, 2013, 9:52 AM

Hello to anyone who's still out there! We just updated our account for the first time in months. Sorry about that. Real life has been crazy lately, but cosplay is still our #1 favorite hobby and we plan to do it for a long time. <3

We just attended Megacon in Orlando, Florida and had a blast as always. We were asked to be a part of Kapalaka's sailor scout group and we had fun cosplaying along with AlouetteCosplay, K-chan323, VertigoVendetta, HoodedWoman, and ExileFayt. They are all amazing people and cosplayers so check out their pages. We were Sailor Saturn and Pluto. Sailor fukus are trickier to make than they seem so we need to tweak our costumes for next time so they'll look right! Hanamaru also dressed up as Daenerys from Game of Thrones. Season 3 is starting so soon! :D

Megacon 2013: Sailor Scouts by pgw-Chaos Daenerys by CosplayCousins

Our Megacon snapshots are located here on DA: ConSnapshots
And on our Facebook Page (tag and share!): CosplayCousins FB

Over the next few months, we will be working on all of our in-progress costumes that we plan to wear at AFO and Dragon*Con this year. We have Bayonetta and Jeanne, Bleez from Green/Red Lantern, Queen's Blade costumes for a D*Con group, Zelda costumes, and some smaller projects to complete. We've had so much fabric and supplies lying around for so long, it's time to actually do something with it. Yeah!

We will also be adding items to our Etsy shop soon so please stop by:  Cosplay Cousins Crafts

On to D*Con

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 14, 2012, 6:37 AM

Hi everyone! Here's our Anime Festival Orlando photos from last weekend: Con Snapshots
On Facebook: AFO Album We had a blast as always. :)

We've been neglecting this page and slacking with our cosplay stuff lately so sorry about that! Real life comes first. We are starting to get very very excited about our first trip to Atlanta's Dragon*Con in a few weeks though! We have our tickets, flights, and hotel preparations ready to go. All that's left for us to finish is... costumes. Dun dun dunn. Hopefully we will have some new costumes finished in time!

Anyone have any general advice for two D*C newbies? <3

Edit: Here's our costume schedule: Click!

Metrocon 2012

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 20, 2012, 10:59 AM

We are back from Metrocon! We cosplayed on Saturday as Belle and Pocahontas and we had a good time. We just uploaded our convention photos here: Con Snapshots

We also posted them on our Facebook page along with some extra costume contest pics so tag yourself and your friends! <3

We've been a bit busy lately, but expect to see some new costumes from us over the next few months. Next up on our convention list is AFO in Orlando and Dragon*Con in Atlanta!

To Metro

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 15, 2012, 4:13 AM

We'll be missing out on Metrocon today, so everyone have fun for us! We will be showing up tomorrow as Belle and Pocahontas and we will be out of cosplay on Sunday. We hope to take a lot a photos of everyone and have fun with friends this weekend! See you there! :D

Selling Stuff!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 29, 2012, 10:19 AM

Hello, Tranquility here! Sorry we've been so boring lately. We've been busy and we're procrastinating since our next convention isn't until June. I just wanted to announce that we've begun to set up our Etsy shop:… There's not much available at the moment, but I plan to add more stuff over the next few weeks. We've been doing commissions through DA notes, FB messages, and email for half of a year now so I'm hoping that Etsy will make the process simpler. If you have an Etsy, please share it in the comments. I like to browse Etsy and look at all the shops!

That's it for now. Take care everyone! :heart:

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Mega 2012

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 27, 2012, 8:49 PM

We recently attended Megacon in Orlando and had a fantastic time. The convention felt bigger this year and we hope that the event will continue to grow to be even bigger and better next year. Stan Lee and Tom Felton were there, the dealer's room was set up more spaciously so you could actually move around without running into people, and there was tons of cosplayers. We ended up wearing:

Friday: Hanamaru as Belle and Tranquility as Pocahontas for Shattered-Song's Disney group. So fun!
Disney Princesses by CosplayCousins
Sat: Hanamaru as Tsukimi and Tranquility as Kuranosuke from Princess Jellyfish(Kuragehime). We love this series and these outfits were comfortable!
Unlikely Pair by CosplayCousins
Sun: Hanamaru as Liara from Mass Effect and Tranquility as herself aka no costume.
Liara T'Soni by CosplayCousins
For fun, Tranquility likes to take as many pics of other cosplayers as she can but the con was too crazy chaotic to catch everyone. We posted the few pics she took here:…
Our con video of random clips:

What's next? We are currently trying to finish up the costume projects that we've been planning and working on for too long! (Bayonetta and Jeanne bodysuits, Ruto and Nabooru and other Sages from Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mass Effect and Green Lantern costumes) We will be attending negativedreamer's ShawnCon photoshoot next month too. We hope everyone out there is doing well! Have a great week! :heart:

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Getting Ready for Mega

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 21, 2012, 3:57 PM

Hiya! Just wanted to update to show that we are still alive! We've been getting our costumes ready for Megacon in Orlando on February 17th-19th. Anyone else attending? :)

If all goes according to plan, Hanamaru should be wearing Belle from Disney's Beauty & the Beast, Bayonetta from Bayonetta, and Liara from Mass Effect and Tranquility should be going as Disney's Pocahontas, Jeanne from Bayonetta, and Nabooru from Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Time is running out! Megacon is a month earlier than usual this year and unfortunately we needed that extra month. We will no longer be wearing our Bayonetta and Jeanne bodysuits on Saturday. We've been planning these costumes for over a year but for some reason they seem to be the project that never ends! Oh well, we will just have to wear them to a photoshoot and DragonCon instead. Tranquility has decided to postpone Nabooru for an upcoming photoshoot as well. We are still excited for Mega though! Wearing simpler costumes makes it easier for us to move around, attend events, take photos, and enjoy the con comfortably. Woop woop!

Our updated costume schedule:
Fri: Hanamaru as Belle and Tranquility as Pocahontas for Shattered-Song's Disney group
Sat: Hanamaru as Tsukimi and Tranquility as Kuranosuke from Princess Jellyfish(Kuragehime) We love this series! :love:
Sun: Hanamaru as Liara from Mass Effect and Tranquility as Pocahontas again for TheLadySasha's Disney Gathering

Progress piccies:

Belle dress:


Pocahontas necklace:

Kuranosuke stuffs:



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Zelda Gathering

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 21, 2011, 8:10 PM

This weekend was the Legend of Zelda photoshoot/ gathering that we planned! We ended up having a lot of last minute cancellations and we unfortunately couldn't complete our Ruto and Nabooru outfits in time, but we had an amazing day with some wonderful people. Hannah wore Brawl Sheik instead of Ruto and Laura helped out as an assistant. The weather was so nice that a lot of us even ended up swimming in the springs too. You gotta love Florida. Haha. Thanks to all of the cosplayers, photographers, and friends who could make it out! :heart:!

Hanamaru as Sheik:
Seven Years Ago... by CosplayCousinsSheikah Disguise by CosplayCousins

:iconailish01:'s photos:…
:iconstillreflection:'s photos:…
:iconxinstrumental:, :iconelysiagriffin:, :iconmorataya:, and Maboroshi of were there as well so check out their pages too!

The day after the Zelda gathering, we also wore Crono and Lucca again and got some shots with negativedreamer's Frog costume so we will post some of those soon. It was a cosplaytastic weekend! :dance:


Journal Entry: Mon Nov 14, 2011, 12:30 AM

Hey guys! We just returned from  ShadoCon which was our final convention of the year. It was fun and nostalgic since our first convention (Metrocon) used to be located at the very same convention hotel. We were both feeling a bit tired from last week, so instead of wearing costumes we wore our Snorlax  and Rainbow Dash customized hoodies. :) We were invited to be judges for the costume contest and although we've been asked before by other cons, this was our first time actually judging. We were under the impression that we would be 2 of 4 judges, but once we showed up we realized that we were the only judges and that we were supposed to speak on stage. Whoops! We expected that we would have to announce our judges awards on stage, but it turned out that we were supposed to read them all. Anyone who knows us, knows that we both have a fear of public speaking (must run in the family, lol) so we ended up writing everything out for the awesome host Zack to read (and publicly tease for being shyguys) while we handed out the trophies and prizes on stage. Judging itself was a wonderful experience. We loved checking out the costumes and talking to the entries about how they made everything. It's just once we were on stage and all eyes were on us we turned into the awkward cousins. :derp: But thanks to all of the ShadoCon organizers and the entries for for inviting us and making the contest happen! :heart:

Upcoming Events:

-This weekend we willl be hosting a Zelda: Ocarina of Time photoshoot gathering and we are super excited. We will be wearing Ruto and Nabooru and we should have 15-20 other cosplayers attending. A few people had to cancel, so if you are a Florida cosplayer and you are interested, send us a note and we'll let you know which characters are still free. :D

-We will be attending negativedreamer's Winter Christmasy Photoshoot again in December. Last year was great so we are looking forward to it. :dance:

Our planned convention schedule for 2012:

-Megacon, Orlando
-Metrocon, Tampa (maybe)
-Otakon, Baltimore (maybe)
-AFO, Orlando
-Dragoncon, Atlanta
-EXPcon, St. Augustine (maybe)
-Shadocon, Tampa (maybe)

Post EXP and Happy Halloweenie

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 27, 2011, 2:54 PM

Hi again! We're back from EXP Con. It was a laid back fun time. We got to attend lots of panels, meet Mark Meer, Jennifer Hale, and Mega64 and get kicked out of not one but two room parties. Lol. The hotel was under new management, so they weren't expecting all of the convention madness. We understand that some people were probably acting a little too crazy, but the hotel security took it a bit too far over the weekend. They even kicked Hanamaru out of the lobby for sitting and quietly chatting with two people and followed her back to our room. Kinda creepy. Oh well! Besides that, it was fun. We wore Chun Li and Sakura for a little Street Fighter meetup and we got to test out wearing Liara and zombie Panty which were makeup experiments for us. Thanks to everyone we saw over the weekend for the great time! :D

We posted our hall photos here:…
And a few extra on Facebook:…

Our last convention of the year will be  Shadocon in November! We are still deciding what to wear. This year just flew by!

Soon after that we will be hosting a Zelda: Ocarina of Time photoshoot gathering. We will be wearing Ruto and Nabooru and we have 20+ other cosplayers planning to attend so we are praying it runs smoothly. A few people had to cancel, so if you are a Florida cosplayer and you are interested, send us a note and we'll let you know which characters are still free.

So, what's everyone doing for Halloween? Wearing any costumes? :pumpkin:

One week left...

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 15, 2011, 11:53 AM

Hello! Sorry for the inactivity on here, we've been kinda busy lately! EXP Con is less than a week from now and we are excited! We were lucky to win free Level 99 Passes so the con should be even better for us this year. Woo hoo! We won't be entering the costume contest this year so we plan to hit a bunch of panels/events and we'll be taking pics and video again just for fun. Who's going and if you are a cosplayer, what are you wearing? <3

We posted our costume plans on our Facebook artist page:…

Hoodie Update:
If you ordered a Snorlax hoodie from us more than 2 weeks ago, then Tranquility will be sending your package out on Monday! :D After that, we are taking a break from hoodies for the next couple of weeks, but if you still want one email us and we'll put you on the waiting list. Thank you! Tranquility is also working on a Rainbow Dash hoodie design that will be posted after we get back from EXP Con.


After EXP, we will also be attending Shadocon and finishing up our Ruto and Nabooru costumes for a Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time photoshoot that we've been planning for about a year now. Lots of fun stuff to look forward to! :dance:

*Tranquility's CosCom Marketplace:…
*FantasyNinja's mineral organic makeup line(great for cosplay!):…
*OH-Productions's Etsy:…
*Cortana2552's crafts:

Post AFO Post

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 19, 2011, 5:38 AM

Howdy, Hanamaru and Tranquility here. We went to Anime Festival Orlando August 5-7th and had a great time. But oh man, it was the hottest convention ever. We purposely wore comfortable costumes but the heat and humidity were still almost too much to handle. Rainforest sweaty. Fortunately, we got to see a lot of DA members at the con including these guys!:
:iconhoodedwoman: :iconcortana2552: :iconfantasyninja: :iconvertigovendetta: :iconanimepunk1: :icondartfeld: :iconadrianakaninja: :iconcobheran: :iconbeautimusmaximus: :iconkorinchan: :iconnightmaren-cosplay: :iconevilsp0rk: :iconmilk-dr0p: :iconcureforcapezio: :icontouyadex: :iconvahn-fenel: :iconarcanekani: :iconotakitty: :iconpumkinspice: :icondothackgurl: :iconjunicorn77: :iconzippertan: :iconlollisarahboo: :iconpookahime: :iconalouettecosplay: :iconnegativedreamer: :iconpgw-chaos: :iconmorataya: :iconnicolaiandrews: :iconxinstrumental: Plus whoever we forgot!

More people than usual actually recognized us from the internet and said hi at AFO. We are both pretty shy in real life, so its good to have people approach us to force us out of our shells and into conversations. Lol. We watched Kapalaka's wig styling panel and the manime panel, but we missed out on some other panels that we planned to see because we were so busy with cosplay shenanigans. :/ It was good times as usual at the con hotel pool. Tranquility brought VertigoVendetta a giraffe floaty raft(don't ask XD) but it was kidnapped by a certain person with a battle axe and never seen again. Next year there will be more animal floats and they will fill the pool with more fun than it can hold! Yes.

Bunny Girl Panty and Stocking by CosplayCousins
Friday's costumes were bunny suit Panty and Stocking! :D

Lunar Rabbit Weapon Mina by CosplayCousins
The bunnies multiplied by Saturday! We were asked to be a part of otakitty's Getsumen to Heiki Mina group with a bunch of cool cosplayin' ladies. There wasn't enough room for our oversized fruits n' veggies in the halls of the convention so we had to take photos outside. We posed for as many pics as we could but after a while it was too hot to go on. Hopefully we can do another shoot when it's cooler! Big cosplay groups are too much fun! :heart:

Bayonetta Jeanne PE Uniforms by CosplayCousins
On Sunday we wore our last minute Bayonetta and Jeanne P.E. uniforms. We keep putting off our real Bayonetta costumes, but we're excited to wear them someday!

Con photos:… and…

Here's our video from AFO:
Most of it is the Mina group but there's also some footage of the convention, some cosplayers, and our con photos. We need more practice with the camera so a lot of it's shaky and out of focus, but it's just for fun. Thanks to everyone who hung out with us at AFO!

Current costumes in progress:
Hanamaru is working on Ruto and Rauru costumes and Tranquility is making Nabooru and Darunia for a Zelda group we are planning in a few months. We both love OoT so we are hoping that everything works out okay! We're still slowly working on Bayonetta and Jeanne and we'll start Tsukimi and Kuranosuke dresses from Princess Jellyfish (Kuragehime) soon. So many costumes, so little time. Our last conventions of the year will be EXPcon in October and Shadocon in November!

It's almost time for AFO

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 20, 2011, 9:15 AM

Hello, anyone who reads this! :wave: Sorry for the lack of updates lately.

We wanted to let you guys know that we converted our Facebook profile into a page since it's against FB's rururules to have more than one profile a person. Like us if you want!: Cosplay Cousins FB We kinda regret switching over since we lost all of our photos/comments/tags in the process and pages don't let you private message people (what?!) or write on other peoples' walls unless they are a page too, but we are stuck as a page now so we gotta get used to it. The page is more convenient to log into and it has some cool features and apps that profiles can't have so that's good at least. And we still can post taggable convention photos and get tagged, so if you took a picture of us or you are in our Metrocon gallery, please re-tag! Also, if you have a cosplay/photography/geeky page you should like us and we'll like you back so we won't feel so lonely!

We are getting ready for Anime Festival Orlando in a couple weeks. Excited! AFO is a small con contained inside a single hotel, so it's basically a three day long party where everyone goes to the con during the day and packs the pools all night. It's really fun! Our costume schedule has been changing around like crazy lately but right now we think we are wearing:
-Bunnysuit Panty & Stocking  (since we never got any photos to post from Metrocon)
-Blueberry and Leek bunny for otakitty's Lunar Rabbit Weapon Mina bunny girl group (we should have 8 or 9 bunny ladies in total)
-Alternate Sakura and Chun Li (maybe if there's still a Street Fighter group going on)
-Secret videogame costumeys (if we finish 'em)

Tranquility recently got a new camera that can also take hd video so expect more (hopefully improved) convention photos and YouTube videos from us in the future. Yay. If you are at AFO you should let us take your pic/vid! :heart:

Also, if you are watching us because you are interested in buying a Pokemon hoodie or other small commission, we are planning to sew a batch of items to sell after we get back from the convention, so stay tuned. :D


Our final costume plans for this weekend are:

Friday - Bunny Suit Panty & Stocking from ep. 7 of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
We need to take some decent photos in these outfits, so we are wearing them again. Plus this con is extremely hot and humid so sleeveless costumes are a good idea!

Saturday- Satsuki Mina (Blueberry) and Hazuki Mina (Leek) from Getsumen to Heiki Mina (Lunar Rabbit Weapon Mina)
These are new costumes we made for Otakitty's bunny girl group! There should be about 10 of us dressed as fruit and veggie bunnies  if everything works out! :D

Sunday- Bayonetta and Jeanne Alternate Costumes (P.E. Uniforms) from Bayonetta
The "secret costumes" we have been slowly working on were Bayonetta and Jeanne's default bodysuits. We've been planning them since last summer, but unfortunately they kept getting pushed back so we could work on new costumes instead. We were hoping to complete them by this convention, but there's still a ton of work left and we don't want to rush them. So we just decided to throw together the cooler and comfier P.E. uniforms to wear at AFO. We will look ridiculous(socks and high heels?!), but at least we'll get to cosplay Bayo and Jeanne without suffocating in the heat. Hehe.

Our progress pics are posted on Facebook! Click the top button on the left to visit!

Metrocon 2011

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 25, 2011, 4:17 PM

We attended Metrocon in Tampa, Florida last weekend!

-Tranquility was allergic to the feather pillows and comforters in the hotel and was sneezing all weekend, so much that one of her fake eyelashes fell off while in costume and she had no way to stick it back on :XD:
- Hanamaru was exhausted by Saturday night and missed the rave since she passed out like an old lady
- A personal tragic event occurred a few days before the trip
-We only dressed up for a couple of hours on Saturday and we didn't feel up to doing any photoshoots so we had to turn a couple of great photographers down. Sorry! :(

-Got to catch up with friendies and hang out with a lot of people
-We at least wore new costumes
-We attended more panels and events than we usually do
- Hanamaru obtained a fab Jojo Jolyne figure
- We saw some fancy cosplay!

Oh yeah, Tranquility took video the whole weekend and posted it here:  Cheesy Metro Video

Don't laugh! This was her first time editing a video and the whole thing is recorded with her old point and shoot camera so it's terrible quality and shaky. It's kinda slow in the beginning but it gets a little more interesting eventually. Haha. We didn't even think about recording ourselves while in costume, maybe we'll do that next time! Since we had to keep switching back and forth between two cameras with one memory card, we didn't get to film many cosplayers either. Must get a better camera that can shoot both photo and video!

Oh yeah, these guys filmed an amazing Mind Shift tribute video at the con... watch it: Clickkkkk

We posted our convention pics in our Convention Snapshots Gallery and on our shared Facebook Page so add us and tag yourself if you want!

We will upload pics of our new bunny Panty and Stocking as soon as we get them. Here's a pic we found on Facebook:

Write ya later, DA!

FAE and Chun Li (yay, it rhymes!)

Journal Entry: Tue May 31, 2011, 7:17 PM

Hola, it's Laura! Time to update the journal!

This past Saturday Hannah and I attended a brand new con called The Florida Anime Experience. The event was pretty tiny, but there was some great panels and guests like Steve Blum (the voice actor of Spike from Cowboy Bebop) and we got to spend time with our friends OH-Productions and FantasyNinja in the artist alley. The game room had some amusing video games too. We laughed so much at this:
There was also Para Para Paradise and a game called Gal Gun. Read about it:… XD HoodedWoman and Adrianakaninja showed up too and after the con we all went out to eat sushi/ hibachi. It was a great day! Thanks to Melissa and Insane-Pencil for taking photoads of us!

The pics I took at FAE are in our Convention Snapshots gallery:…

For FAE I quickly threw together Chun Li's Street Fighter Alpha sporty outfit to wear with Hannah's Sakura. It was super rushed (I actually finished it the night before I wore it and barely got any sleep so I look super tired in the photos anyway) so I have to fix it up for next time. When it comes to making costumes I'm a terrible procrastinator... I need to stop that! At least the costume had a good practice run since Hannah and I will be wearing them again for a Street Fighter group at AFO.
For Chun Li, I bought the navy blue bodysuit, removed the sleeves and added stripes to the sides. I made the top from scratch out of plain cotton fabric and ironed on the yellow designs then zigzag stitched around the edges. I'm probably going to remake the top or at least sew in some darts because it fits funky. For my hair, I cut out foam donut shaped buns, covered them with hair extensions, and wrapped my real braided pigtails around them. I made them a little too low, so I looked more like Princess Leia. Lol. I am the most happy about the sneakers. My friend just happened to post that she was selling her old Adidas on Facebook so I bought them for $9 and painted them blue and yellow. It was a fun project! I made a shoe painting tutorial too:
Shoe Painting Tutorial by CosplayCousins
The easiest (and silliest) part of my costume was the wristbands. For this outfit, Chun Li has rounded studs so all I had to do was spray paint some googly eyes:
Photobucket Yay!

Sporty Chun Li and Sakura by CosplayCousins

We recently got asked to do an interview for bluedrakon's blog and you can read it here:…
Oh yeah, it's my birthday on Saturday! Woooo.:party: Haha. See ya at Metrocon in 2 weeks! :heart:

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Journal Entry: Sat May 7, 2011, 8:36 AM

Can't believe it's already May! Things came up and we couldn't attend the Cosplay BBQ after all, but we are at least going to make it out to The Florida Anime Experience in Orlando at the end of this month. We'll be wearing some new costumes. After that is Metro, AFO, Shadocon and then EXPcon for us. Hurray for summer! :w00t:

We made a couple of new accounts:

We are total Twitter newbs so we are still getting used to the site. Add us if you want! We mostly just made it to follow people and see what it's like. Lol. We'll post costume progress and stuff on there soon though.

Nothing on here yet, but we plan to make photoshoot/con vids and possibly tutorials.…

Can't think of anything else to write. Oh yeah, happy free comic book day and Mother's Day weekend everyone!

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Comment to be Featured!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 18, 2011, 8:41 PM

We're back from the beach! We posted a few more pics  of Panty and Stocking and our Pikmin mascot costumes from Megacon. Hope ya like them! Our next event will be a Cosplay BBQ photoshoot taking place in two weeks. Most likely, Hanamaru will be bunny Bulma and Tranquility will be cosplaying as Disney's Pocahontas. We hope to get some good pictures (and food). Hehe.

The first 20 friends to comment on this journal will be featured! :heart: Last time we did a cosplayers only feature game, so for this one anything goes. We'll post two deviations that we like for each person. So comment or we'll feel lame! Lol.

1) :iconshnoogums5060:shnoogums5060
Wario's Slap Chop by shnoogums5060Clash of the Koopa Kings by shnoogums5060

2) :iconailish01:Ailish01
Shhh by Ailish01Locket by Ailish01

3) :iconxmireille-chanx:XMireille-chanX

4) :iconkimkashi:Kimkashi
you're making my music by KimkashiZatanna cover by Kimkashi

5) :iconfruits-punch-samurai:Fruits-Punch-Samurai
There is something sweeter by Fruits-Punch-SamuraiI Could Go Running..... by Fruits-Punch-Samurai

6) :iconblackflame16:blackflame16
Cosplay in America- Miku by blackflame16Eiffel Tower by blackflame16

7) :iconmei-hoshi:Mei-Hoshi
Some kind of punk. by Mei-HoshiI've Done It.. by Mei-Hoshi

8) :iconblizzardterrak:BlizzardTerrak
AOD11 - Host Club Boys by BlizzardTerrakNCS10 Off the Hook by BlizzardTerrak

9) :iconblueamnesiac:BLUEamnesiac
What are you lookin' at by BLUEamnesiacHyrule's Creation 11182010 by BLUEamnesiac

10) :iconrinkuchan27:Rinkuchan27
20K Hits Pic by Rinkuchan2720K Kiriban: Link and Agitha by Rinkuchan27

11) :icondartfeld:DartFeld
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World by DartFeldAhh, much better by DartFeld

12) :iconshaianwillems:ShaianWillems
Smiling Rei For Zoe-sp by ShaianWillemsDOA Ayane Present for Benikage by ShaianWillems

13) :iconjustjakk:justjakk
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14) :iconframe-fatale:Frame-Fatale
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15) :iconai-rika:Ai-rika
FLCL: Haruko Haruhara by Ai-rikaGurren Lagann: To the Heavens by Ai-rika

16) :iconyunie-chan:Yunie-chan
Fire Up by Yunie-chanRebirth by Yunie-chan

17) :iconhoodedwoman:HoodedWoman
Mileena - Victory by HoodedWomanTraffic Cop Panty and Stocking by HoodedWoman

18) :iconkuchikixrukia:KuchikixRukia
. Dorje Hatchet . by KuchikixRukiaLittle Bunny Foo Foo . Misha by KuchikixRukia

19) :iconfantasyninja:FantasyNinja
C.V. by FantasyNinjaHello there, Cheshire by FantasyNinja

20) :iconphxdragon:PhxDragon
Grand Canyon by PhxDragon:thumb166745476:

:iconslowpokeplz:Bonus Slowpoke Feature!

Handdrawn Dragon Scale Texture by BisectedBrioche

Time for Bizznazzz by BellaVoce4

Who's your Rikku by BalthierFlare

Cthulhu Christmas Cookie by Lionheartssj

Mary Test by Neko-Kaolla

The Seven Deadly Sirens by DoctorEvil06

Thanks for commenting!

Post Megacon

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 10, 2011, 6:40 AM

Tranquility (Laura) here! Soon after I returned home from the convention I came down with a terrible cold. It lasted for almost two weeks, but I'm better now! While I was sick I discovered that Netflix seems to have added a bunch of new anime recently. So far I've rewatched my old faves NANA and Trigun, and also watched a bit of Strike Witches, Vandread, and Kuroshitsuji. Kuroshitsuji is a little more dark than I expected it to be (I didn't really know anything about it before really), and I kinda like it so I will keep watching. Haha. Anyone have any more Netflix suggestions for me? <3

I have a few progress pictures of my leek bunny girl for otakitty's Getsumen to Heiki Mina group. We've had some new members join the group recently so I'm looking forward to it even more now. The show may be kinda obscure, but you can't go wrong with cute fruit/veggie bunnies! I apologize if you already saw these on our Facebook:

Gear ears in progress: I made these from metallic spandex (left over from our Fire Vulcan outfits) and put plastic sheeting and Polyfil on the inside for shape and stability.

Completed ears! I still have to attach them to my wig with some sort of hidden support system.

I'm not a fan of sewing gloves but I wanted to make these to match my ears. Glad they are done! :meow:

Yay for bunny tails. Sew a circle and stuff. Mission complete!

I have parts of my dress and giant leek weapon finished too, but I need to redo some things before I post pics.

We did some fun shoots with Maboroshi and Morataya at Megacon so we will post those photos whenever we get them, probably in the next month or so. I'm curious to see how the Pikmin pics turned out since I know we looked super silly. :XD:  Morataya already posted a pic of us as Panty and Stocking with his bear Kumo on his page:
Panty and Stocking with Kumo by Morataya
Oh yeah, we can't make it, but they actually have a photoshoot coming up on Saturday and Sunday so if you're near Delray Beach and Miami, check this out if you are interested:…

In the next month or so we plan to do a couple of photoshoots with new costumes that we've been working on so stay tuned! ...if you want. Haha. I'm going to be living at a place on the beach from today until Saturday, so I won't be on the internet much if at all! Hannah will be visiting me there today so it's sure to be a good time. I'm going to try to get some relaxation and lots of exercise too. Have a great week, anyone who's reading!


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Megacon 2011

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 30, 2011, 8:34 AM

We attended Megacon in Orlando, Florida this past weekend and had an amazing time! In fact, this may have been our best Mega ever. The convention had a lot of great guests like William Shatner, Stan Lee, and Geoff Johns and had some interesting booths and panels to visit this year. Several of our friends were celebrating their birthdays over the weekend too so it was a nonstop party. We had our hotel room decorated with streamers and balloons and Hanamaru made a Portal cake for everyone. We also got to have some of Cortana2552's Dragonball cake and PumkinSpice and Animepunk1's matching Harry Potter jelly bean cakes. So yeah, tons of cake and friends! We also had some mixed drinks named after Final Fantasy characters, who knew there was such a thing? Haha. Everything was super nerdified! :nerd:

Friday- We wore police Panty and Stocking with infinityink888 as Briefers all day. It was our first time wearing the outfits at an actual convention. We had a couple of photoshoots, so we will post pics as soon as we get them. We also met up with HoodedWoman and FantasyNinja while they were dressed as traffic cop Panty and Stocking, but the photos we took turned out really dark and grainy. Doh! That night there was a panel for the movie The Room but Tommy Wiseau and "Oh hai Mark" didn't show up because they missed their flight. It was still fun to watch all of the flying plastic spoons. If you don't know what The Room is, watch Adult Swim on April Fool's Day. :XD:
Megacon 2011 36 by CosplayCousins
Sat- We were members of the Pikmin posse for silvver and negativedreamer's Olimar and Pikmin group. We were red and blue! We had to have "escorts" to help guide us around since we couldn't see very well. It was our first mascot costumes! It was kind of nice that we could easily shed the suits and run around the convention like normies when we wanted. Plus we didn't have to worry about wigs or makeup! Here's a video of us onstage in the contest:…
Sunday- We fixed up our Kim Pine and Envy Adams costumes and wore them again. There was a bunch of other Scott Pilgrim cosplayers on Sunday so it was a good time. We gathered our group and took pics with DartFeld, silvver, and infinityink888 then walked around Megacon's mega dealer's room until the con was over. Thanks to everyone we got to see this weekend! We can't wait until the next one!
Ex Wars by CosplayCousins

We posted our convention photos in our snapshot gallery here:… and on Facebook:… and ACP here:… if you want to tag yourself. :D

Make it Work!

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 18, 2011, 1:41 PM

So, there's only a week left until Megacon! Who all is going and what are you wearing? We are excited but kinda bummed out since a couple of our costume plans fell through.

We originally had secret costumes planned for this day, but we've decided to postpone wearing them until we can get all of the detail work finished. They are two characters that we love, so we really want to get the designs just right! We are going to bring them to the next photoshoot instead. We will now be police Panty and Stocking all day Friday. Looking forward to wearing them again with HoodedWoman and FantasyNinja as traffic cop Panty and Stocking, infinityink888 as Briefers, and possibly ArcaneKani as Garterbelt. :love:

For Saturday, we will be in a Nintendo group with friends for the contest. We are going to be unrecognizable. :XD:

We are fixing up our Scott Pilgrim costumes to wear with a group of friendies. So if anyone out there has a SP related costume and wants to wear it Sunday, they totally should! We were planning to be bunny girls for otakitty's Getsumento Heiki Mina group on Sunday, but we are going to be in the full group at Anime Festival Orlando instead.

There has been a few disappointments, but it should still be a great con! Good luck to everyone still preparing and see you guys there!

Oh yeah, we redesigned our DA page too. Hanamaru remade the pixel art in Paint and Tranquility took it into Photoshop to make a new icon, ID, journal skins, and stuff. It's just as tacky and blinding as ever, but upgraded! Lol.